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Roles & Responsibilities


Flip-Flop Intern

The Lighthouse Flip Flop Intern is integral to carrying out one of our core beliefs: That kids should have the opportunity just to be kids. At Lighthouse, we build “Flip Flop” time into each day during Retreat, giving the children we serve a chance to play and interact with one another while their parents get to connect with other adults living through childhood cancer. As a Flip Flop Intern, you’ll facilitate fun activities and foster a safe environment for every child on Retreat while also improving your leadership abilities and organizational skills. 


  • Ensure the success of each Family Partner group by providing necessary supplies, answering questions, and managing special requests. 

  • Present Flip Flop for Retreat to all Family Partners and staff each week 

  • Facilitate set up and tear down of Flip Flop stations daily 

  • Prepare rain plans, pool assignments, and Flip Flop Stations based on the location   

  • Review and implement Flip Flop notes for each child at Retreat, provided by the Staff Lead 

  • Pack Flip Flop bags daily, making sure all groups have snacks, water, and plenty of sunscreen 

  • Care for children on the retreat who might need more attention by consulting the Retreat Medical Lead to ensure awareness of needs. 

  • Maintain all designated Flip Flop supplies in a neat and orderly fashion 

  • Manage inventory sheets at the end of each week in order to adequately restock supplies and be prepared for the following week


Kitchen  Intern 

Do you believe in the power of great food and exceptional service? So do we!  We want families to have an unforgettable Lighthouse experience, and mealtime is a major environment for  the entire family to reconnect and recharge throughout the day. As the Kitchen Intern, you will have the opportunity to facilitate mealtimes that allow families to share their favorite memories of the day over great food — without them having to lift a finger.  


Our Kitchen Intern will learn valuable organizational skills and how to plan and execute meals for large events effectively. They will refine their communication skills by managing our communications with caterers and vendors. Our Kitchen Intern will play an integral role in making sure our mealtimes run smoothly and contribute to the overall Lighthouse experience. 



  • Organize daily grocery runs for supplies and ingredients   

  • Collect and organize all receipts from vendors to be turned in to the Staff Lead 

  • Facilitate communications with caterers/vendors    

  • Oversee and train Volunteer  Meal Teams on each retreat to create a top-notch dining experience for retreat families.   

  • Maintain all designated kitchen supplies in a neat and orderly fashion    

  • Manage inventory sheets at the end of each week in order to adequately restock supplies and be prepared for the following week 



Work Crew  

Do you have a passion for serving behind the scenes? Want to have a ton of fun in the process? Our Work Crew is the backbone of Lighthouse retreats, making an impact by physically facilitating each retreat environment for our guests. Each retreat will have a Work Crew team, who will manage everything from setting up tables under the tent during move-in to setting up beach chairs for families on the beach. Our work crew helps ensure that all families experience a restful, carefree week at Lighthouse. Work Crew members will gain valuable experience collaborating as a team and ensuring the entire Retreat operation runs smoothly. 



  • Ensure the success of retreats by overseeing all logistics. Requires hard work (and lots of sweat!) to create the best possible environment for the families we serve.  Must be willing and able to work in the  summer sun and lift approximately 20 pounds. 

  • Collaborate and report to the Work Crew Intern, who oversees the Crew. 

  • Operate with a team mentality and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure the job is done.  

  • Collaborate with other interns to assist in setting up and tearing down retreat environments during the week. 

  • Manage inventory of all designated work crew supplies and maintain them neat and orderly.   


 Work Crew Intern 

Are you a servant leader who wants to influence the world positively? Are you organized and love leading people with the same passions as you?  


The Lighthouse Work Crew Intern serves as a liaison between the Work Crew team and the Lighthouse staff and leads the work crew throughout the week. They ensure that our Retreat Families have a great experience at Lighthouse by overseeing all of the logistics of our many Retreat environments. The Work Crew Intern will develop their communication skills and gain valuable experience by leading a team. They will oversee the work crew schedule, delegate tasks and improve their peer-leadership skills, all while making a difference in the lives of our Retreat Families.  



  • Build and execute the Work Crew schedule and team roles 

  • Lead in the facilitation, set up, and tear down of Retreat-wide events  

  • Collaborate with Staff Lead to communicate schedules and oversee/adapt to changes that occur during Retreats 

  • Lead and support all Work Crew team members 

  • Collaborate with other interns to assist in the set-up and tear-down of retreat environments during the week.  

  • Maintain designated work crew supplies in a neat and orderly fashion   

  • Manage inventory sheets at the end of each week in order to adequately restock supplies and be prepared for the following week    



Hospitality/Fulfillment  Intern 

Do you have a knack for making people feel welcome and cared for? Do you love serving by doing? 


Our Hospitality Intern works to facilitate the creation of each retreat environment, from setting up Retreat housing with goodies to ensuring each retreat environment looks and feels welcoming for our families. This role also involves managing the different supplies each Family Partner will need to ensure their Retreat Family’s unit is properly cared for. This intern will alternate between spending one week at a Retreat, managing on-site hospitality, and spending alternating weeks at our warehouse preparing for the next week’s retreat. By the end of the summer, our Hospitality Intern will be a master of organization and administration. They will develop excellent communication skills and learn how to manage inventory for events. 



  • DURING WAREHOUSE WEEKS: Prepare and organize all swag and supplies for the following week and assist with general warehouse organization   

  • DURING RETREAT WEEKS: Collaborate with the work crew to set up and prepare retreat environments, replenishing  supplies when needed 

  • Manage inventory of all designated Theme Night and Hospitality supplies and maintain them neat and orderly. 

  • Tracking and being a good steward of all SWAG supplies.   

  • Manage inventory sheets at the end of each week in order to adequately restock supplies and be prepared for the following week. 



Memory Maker Intern

Do you have an eye for photography and creating engaging videos? Do you love seeing your work come alive on a brand’s social media channels, website, and more?  


As our Media Intern, you will document our Retreats with photos and videos, preserving precious memories for our Retreat Families. This Intern documents all events on retreats — meals, Flip Flop time, nightly theme nights, and everything in between. They will also manage special media projects throughout the summer.  


This Intern will get the chance to improve their photography and videography skills and learn how to tell a story through media. They will also improve their time management skills, as they will be responsible for capturing photos and videos and editing them in a timely manner. This intern’s work will be used for marketing and social media purposes— a great way to expand your portfolio! 



  • Photograph retreat activities for family memories and marketing purposes   

  • Create weekly highlight videos for retreat families 

  • Edit media content  

  • Manage special media-related Marketing projects as needed   

  • Manage inventory of all designated supplies and maintain them neat and orderly.   

  • Must own and be willing to use personal equipment – camera, laptop, photo/video editing software. 

Logistics Intern

Do you find yourself looking for the most efficient route from point A to point B? Do you strategize about the best way to tackle the next challenge and love to ensure everything is running smoothly? If so, we need you on our team! 


Our Logistics Lead  will assist the Staff Lead, working behind the scenes to ensure even the smallest details are covered. This person will showcase strong organizational and critical thinking skills while managing the complexities of housing assignments and daily schedules. The ability to stay organized and communicate effectively will ensure success while working alongside our amazing staff and volunteers to provide a seamless experience of rest and relaxation for the families we serve. 



  • Manage the Lighthouse Family Retreat app to ensure deadlines are met, and details are updated in real-time.

  • Update and maintain paperwork to keep logistics organized and accessible for the entire team.

  • Serve as the liaison between resorts, vendors, and LFR leadership to identify and resolve maintenance issues as they arise.

  • Troubleshoot unexpected challenges or schedule changes with quick problem-solving and attention to detail.

  • Collaborate and communicate with staff, retreat families, and volunteers using excellent writing, speaking, and interpersonal communication. 

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