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2019 Summer Staff



Each summer, we hire college student interns from all over the country who have a passion for service, families, and excellence. They live at the beach, serve every week of June and July, help offer consistency from week to week, and support Family Partners.

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College Student Work Crew

The college work crew program consists of students who serve every week of June and July behind the scenes to prepare all retreat environments. These students, alongside a Work Crew Intern, work hard to ensure that the families experience a restful week full of fun environments!


Meet our Summer Staff!

Trace Baranowski.jpg

Trace Baranowski | Kitchen Intern


Hays Simmons | Kitchen Intern

Courtney Speaks .jpeg

Courtney Speaks | Flip Flop Intern

Kat Hughes.jpeg

Kat Hughes | Flip Flop Intern

Adam W.png

Adam Waite | Work Crew Intern

Olivia LaValle.jpg

Olivia Lavalle | Work Crew Intern

Megan Pitts.jpg

MEga Pitts | Comm Intern

Alix Larr.png

Alix Larraxabal | Comm Intern

Maddie Parris.jpg

Maddie Parris | Hospitality Intern


Gussie Rudin | Hospitality Intern

Bella Filos.JPG

Bella Filos | Hospitality Intern

Alexis Tarver.jpg

Alexis Tarver | Hospitality Intern


Zac Hoechstetter | Work Crew

Haley Stafoord.jpg

Haley Stafford | Work Crew

Anderson Fader.jpg

Anderson Fader | Work Crew

Mallory Spivey.jpg

Mallory Spivey | Work Crew