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Regional Retreats


Lighthouse One-Day & Weekend Regional Retreats are for every member of the family - mom, dad, siblings, and the child on treatment - to take a break from the craziness that comes with childhood cancer and reconnect as a family.

These retreats are designed to be community building and a 1-3 day break away from the chaos in your hometown or surrounding area. 

There is no cost for your family to attend a Regional Retreat in your area. All planned activities during the day are included.

A day 

away from

the chaos

On a Regional Retreat, your family is served by volunteers who are dedicated to providing a break from the chaos that comes with childhood cancer. All you have to do is come and enjoy time investing in your family, your marriage, and connecting with other families in your community fighting a similar battle. Prepare for time full of fun and laughter together as a family and with those in your community!

Upcoming Weekend Retreats

SEPTEMBER 21-24, 2023
We will have more Regional Retreat dates coming soon!
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