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Finding Good Days

In a recent conversation with a courageous family, we gained valuable insights into their journey through childhood cancer. With over 200 days of hospital stays, their story is both inspiring and heartwarming. When asked how they managed to endure such extended hospitalizations, their response illuminated a powerful lesson: “There are good days. They are few and far between & they are hard to find, but they ARE worth looking for.”

The family emphasized that while bad days are inevitable during childhood cancer treatment, not every day has to be a bad day, but every day has the potential to be a bad day if you let it. They firmly believe that each day holds the potential for positivity if approached with the right perspective. On the days their child felt bad, they hunkered down, rested together and got through the day. On the days when their child felt well, they made the most of those moments, creating cherished memories through various hospital activities.

Their hospital offered a range of activities designed to uplift young patients' spirits. From garden areas to indoor/outdoor play zones, arts and crafts, celebrity visits, parties, and special events, these amenities aim to provide a sense of normalcy in an otherwise challenging environment. Surprisingly, they discovered some families were unaware of these activities or hesitated to participate, as they couldn't fathom the possibility of having a "good day" within the hospital's walls.

The couple admitted that some days were exceptionally tough, making it challenging to leave their child's hospital room. The effort required to venture out sometimes felt overwhelming. However, they soon realized the importance of making the absolute best of every moment spent with their child.

While doctors and nurses primarily address a child's physical needs, parents play a crucial role in advocating for their mental well-being. Recognizing that their child needed opportunities to explore and experience the outdoors, the family actively sought accommodations to leave their room. They discovered that simple outings, like a breath of fresh air, could bring joy and smiles to their child's face, reinforcing the importance of parental advocacy in every aspect of childhood cancer treatment.

In the midst of the darkness and uncertainty that often accompanies childhood cancer, this family's journey reminds us that there are indeed good days. These days may be few and far between, but they are worth seeking and savoring. Their journey underscores the power of perspective, resilience, and advocacy, offering hope and inspiration to families facing similar challenges. In the face of adversity, they found joy, proving that even in the most trying circumstances, every day has the potential to be a "good day."

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