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Seaside Retreats

 Individuals and families with children age 4 and older will experience a week of quality time together serving families living through childhood cancer on a Lighthouse Family Retreat. This service trip is a a memory maker and a transformational experience for the parents and children you serve, as well as you and your own family.

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2023 Seaside Retreat Schedule

1. We recommend one person register for their entire family
2. As you fill out your application please be sure to select the right type of application (volunteer adult vs. volunteer child)
3. Please be prepared that the application process may take up to 15 minutes. 



RETREAT 1 | April 2-8 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 2 | April 2-8 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida  


RETREAT 3 | June 4-10 *

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 4 | June 4-10 

St. Simons, Georgia - Single Parent Retreat

RETREAT 5 | June 11-17 

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 6 | June 11-17 (FULL)

St. Simons, Georgia


RETREAT 7 | June 18-24 

Miramar Beach, Florida

 RETREAT 8 | June 18-24 (FULL)

St. Simons, Georgia


RETREAT 9 | June 25-July 1 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 10 | June 25-July 1 (FULL)

St. Simons, Georgia


RETREAT 11 | July 2-July 8 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 12 | July 9-15 *

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

RETREAT 13 | July 9-15 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 14 | July 16-22 *

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

RETREAT 15 | July 16-22 (FULL)

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 16 | July 23-29 *

Emerald Isle, North Carolina

RETREAT 17 | July 23-29 *

Miramar Beach, Florida

RETREAT 18 | September 24-30 (FULL)

Watercolor, Florida

 * This week has been closed due to being full with Partner Teams.

2023 Sunrise Retreat

SUNRISE | September 24-30

Bald Head Island, North Carolina

If you have any additional questions, please
contact us at

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19 Retreats. 186 Retreat Families served. And OVER 9,180 donuts were consumed. WHAT. A. SUMMER! The latest edition of The Wave newsletter includes an update from Executive Director Chris Woodruff, event updates, and a Retreat Family highlight!



Volunteers play a critical role in creating a retreat experience that provides joy and hope. You will be paired with a family living through childhood cancer to serve them with activities such as doing their laundry and dishes, playing games, and most of all, strengthening relationships. The week is full of extravagant service by creating environments where families living through childhood cancer can get away to rest, restore relationships, experience joy, and find hope in God!



On retreat, we call our volunteers "Family Partners." Family Partners can be a whole family, single adults, empty nesters, and students, too! Spending a week together at the beach while working together to create an incredible environment for "Retreat Families", the families we serve, gives volunteers in all walks of life the chance to build a community and gain life-long relationships.

To learn more about the environments

you will help create for Retreat Families, click here.

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