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Celebrating Halloween with a Healthy Twist

If you are the parent of a child with cancer, you may be trying to think of ways for your child to celebrate Halloween in a safe, healthy way. We certainly understand not all families celebrate Halloween, but for families dealing with heavy situations like childhood cancer, sometimes celebrations or distractions help break up the difficult emotions & give them something to look forward to.

While it's important to let these brave kids enjoy the Halloween spirit, we can do so in a way that's both fun and health-conscious. Here are some ideas for celebrating Halloween with a healthy twist, especially for children facing childhood cancer:

1. Spooktacular Decorations:

Kick off the Halloween season by decorating the children's rooms or treatment areas with kid-friendly, non-scary decorations. Think colorful pumpkins, friendly ghosts, and smiling skeletons. Create a festive, cheerful atmosphere that brings the spirit of Halloween indoors. Leading up to the build-up of Halloween can bring so much joy and excitement in the air, simply anticipating the day.

2. Costume Fun:

Give the kids a chance to be involved in choosing their costume. You can browse Pinterest together and even make a costume. Doing so, you could ensure easy access to a port or IV if they have one. If your child is able to, take them shopping and let them choose their costume.

3. Healthy Halloween Treats:

Emphasize the importance of healthy eating while still enjoying Halloween treats. Opt for homemade snacks like fruit skewers shaped like pumpkins, apple slices with peanut butter "mummies," or yogurt-covered pretzel "witches' broomsticks." These treats can be a creative and nutritious way to enjoy the holiday.

4. Candy Alternatives:

Instead of traditional Halloween candy, consider offering non-food treats like stickers, small toys, or coloring books. These can be just as exciting for kids and are a healthier option.

A new trend gaining popularity is The Switch Witch. She’s a GOOD witch who visits your house while your kids sleep. She takes their Halloween candy and switches it for an awesome toy. This could be a fun new tradition and a way to get rid of all the candy!

5. Pumpkin Decorating:

For a hands-on activity, provide pumpkins for the kids to decorate with non-toxic paints, glitter, and fun embellishments. This creative outlet can bring a touch of Halloween to their treatment spaces.

6. Movie Night:

Host a Halloween-themed movie night with child-friendly, non-scary films. Provide popcorn and healthy snacks for the kids to enjoy while watching.

7. Comfort and Companionship:

Above all, ensure that the children receive comfort and companionship. Arrange for therapy dogs, cuddly stuffed animals, or special visits from friends, family, or therapy providers to help them feel loved and supported during the Halloween season.

Halloween can be a challenging time for children battling cancer, but with a little creativity and a focus on health and happiness, it can also be a special and memorable occasion. By celebrating with a healthy twist, we can ensure these kids feel the love and support they need while still enjoying the magic of Halloween.

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