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Advent 2022: Peace

Now may the Lord of peace himself give you peace at all times and in every way. The Lord be with all of you. 2 THESSALONIANS 3:16

Often, peace is associated with getting away... to the mountains, to the beach. It’s quiet mornings, books, and long hikes. Or it’s getting through something—a season of chaos, disappointment—and seeing the finished product...then we will have peace.

The problem with this idea of peace is that it is significantly dependent on our view and environment. We often associate peace with undisturbed circumstances or with certainty of what is to come. If we are waiting for this moment, we will be constantly chasing our next peaceful escape (which may be months or years away) and living in an anxious, untethered state in the in-between. And that is just exhausting.

God is in the business of providing His peace amid the chaos, pain, and uncertainty of our lives. The hope that we have is He did not leave us to figure it out on our own. As Jesus is preparing His followers for Him to leave, He spends time consistently reminding them that while He will not physically be walking beside them, He will leave them with peace. Not just any peace but His peace. (John 16:33; John 14:27)

He is extending that same peace to us. A peace that makes no sense in our world. His peace envelops us in our chaos and suffering. His peace reminds us that we are not alone even when we feel lost and alone. Our circumstances may not change... But God is with us. We can know this promise to be true because of the promise fulfilled in the birth, death, and resurrection of His son, Jesus.

No matter what you are carrying this Christmas season, you may feel like peace is not available to you. But we have the comfort and peace of a Savior who knows suffering intimately and draws near.

At the beginning of time God wrote into the story a rescue for each of us.

He gave His son for you and for me.

Throughout the Old Testament He reminds us of this promise and in the New Testament He shares the story of that promise fulfilled. Jesus came, laughed, and wept alongside us. He suffered and died for you and me. I pray the knowledge that you are immensely loved washes over you this season and that His peace, which surpasses all understanding, would consume your heart and your circumstances.

ACTIVITY: Look back at last week—was there an activity you missed that you’d like to still do? Consider today your “make-up day.” 😊 Did everything you wanted to do? Consider today your day of rest and enjoy the break from the holiday hustle.

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