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We love to do whatever we can to support, thank, and encourage the nursing staff in the pediatric cancer departments across the country, as often as possible. They go above and beyond their job to provide not only the best care, but friendship and comfort during some of the most stressful days on the childhood cancer journey. We are only scratching the surface and could do so much more with your help!


Complete at least 30 gifts for nurses and deliver them to a local hospital. Lighthouse will help coordinate with the hospital for delivery. Estimated Cost: $15 per bag, $450 total for 30 bags  


  • 8-15 Volunteers

  • Boxes or Bags –typically 8"x4.25"x10.5” or larger

  • Items to fill bags –Ideally, higher quality, helpful, and thoughtful

    • Snacks, candies, chapstick, travel lotions, face masks, nice pens, coffee mugs, custom cookies, etc.

  • A handwritten note per bag

  • It takes about 2 hours to get the gifts together and another hour for delivery (depending on the number of volunteers) 


There are typically 30 nurses and staff on a shift on the floor as a given time. Completing this project would mean shining a light to each one of them for at least one shift of their week. Nurses at children’s hospitals not only serve and care primarily for the child, but also for the parents, siblings, grandparents, friends, and community of that child. They see some of the most difficult diagnoses and treatment programs yet maintain a positive, helpful attitude at all times. They do so much more than anyone will ever know and the simplest gift and note of appreciation really does mean a lot to them!

Ready to Get Involved?

Contact Tim Rolston, Relationship Manager, via email at

Nurse Appreciation
Corporate Service Project

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