We are big believers in the power of a supportive community. Whether or not you get to meet the person or family you are writing a note for, the impact can be huge! It can be exactly what they needed to hear, at the exact right time. The families, moms, dads, siblings, and children on treatment experience some of the toughest times of their lives during the years of treatment. A simple, encouraging note is something they can keep with them and know that they are not alone on their journey.


Complete at least 60 notes–writing, addressing, stamping, mailing

Estimated Cost: $33 for postage, $67 for notes, $100 total


  • 8-10 Volunteers

  • About 2 hours (depending on the number of volunteers)

  • Writing utensils

  • # of notecards and envelopes per the goal of the project

    • Lighthouse or Partner can provide these

  • Stamps or meter to cover postage of each note

Notes of Encouragement
Corporate Service Project



60 notes would reach almost a fifth of all of the families we will serve on a seaside retreat this year! We know from experience that the families, and especially kids, are significantly impacted and strengthened by knowing that someone they never met knows who they are and cares about what they are going through.

Ready to Get Involved?

Contact Kalen Gary, Donor Officer, via email at kalen@lighthousefamilyretreat.org.