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Sunrise Retreat Guidelines


By submitting my application to attend a Lighthouse Family Retreat,

I understand that I am committing to the standards and guidelines of Lighthouse Family Retreat, as follows:


  • This retreat is for families who have lost their child to cancer within the past year - 5 years.

  • Our program is focused on the family as a whole. We know sometimes it is hard to get time off from work or take vacation however priority will be given to families who can attend together, especially parents.

  • Space is limited to 2 adults and siblings living at home under the age of 21. Mom & dad must attend the retreat unless you are a single parent, then you may bring another adult who has walked through your cancer journey with you.

  • All families are welcome to apply regardless of race, religious affiliation, financial status or demographic location.


  • The retreat is a time for your family to find rest, experience joy, reconnect and ultimately find hope in God. Activities are planned each morning and most evenings that we ask you to participate in so your family will receive the full Lighthouse experience. Each afternoon and one evening during the week, we do not have anything planned. This is your time to make great memories with just your family.

  • Each morning, parents will get together for a time to share their journey and support each other. This time is called Common Ground and is facilitated by a couple who has been on the same or similar journey. All information that is shared is meant to stay in Common Ground and not be shared with Family Partners or others outside of this group.

  • Family Partners (volunteers) will be assisting you throughout the week by doing your laundry, keeping your condo/home clean, serving you meals and watching your kids each morning during Common Ground and Parents Night Out (when you will go out to dinner with the other parents.) They will not be available to watch your children outside of these designated times.

  • Family Partner women/girls are required to wear one piece/tankini swimsuits during the retreat activities. This is not required of our Retreat Families.


  • No alcohol or smoking is allowed during the retreat.

  • No firearms or weapons of any kind are allowed anywhere during the retreat.

  • No pets are allowed at the retreat.

  • Do not throw ANYTHING off your balcony or hang towels off your balcony. It is unlawful to throw any object, water or ice off your balcony. Throwing anything off your balcony will result in immediate eviction from the resort and possible monetary fine – no exceptions.

  • Parents are responsible for the actions of all family members and must take all children under 18 y/o with you when leaving the retreat site.

  • Parents must accompany all children to the pool or beach.

  • Retreat Families are not to solicit any gifts or services from Family Partners, staff, businesses or the community during or after the retreat.

  • Family Partners are not to drive Retreat Families.

  • A nurse or doctor will be available during the retreats to administer basic first aid and access situations to determine if more advance medical care is needed. Retreat Families are responsible to bring and administer their own medications and treatments.


I agree to allow Lighthouse Family Retreat and participants to photograph our family while on a retreat. These photographs may be used for the end of retreat slide show and shared with all retreat participants after the retreat.  Lighthouse Family Retreat may use these photographs for marketing purposes as needed. 

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