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Sunrise Retreat



We have the opportunity to welcome and support families who have lost a child to cancer. As a volunteer, you have the unique opportunity to set the stage for these families as they make fresh, new memories together. You get to breathe life into a difficult situation as they restore and heal alongside other families walking down a similar road.  

At our Sunrise Retreats, we have a night of remembrance and celebration.  This is a time for families to share funny stories, favorite songs and special memories with everyone on the retreat. Our retreat families love talking about their child who passed away and this is a sweet time for them to share just how special they were.  

Volunteers are paired with a Retreat Family for the retreat to come alongside them and serve meals, clean condos, and spend time with kids. All while giving families the chance to find renewed faith and extra encouragement by providing hope and support for their families as they create new experiences together.


Serving as a volunteer on a Sunrise Retreat is an experience and honor like no other. Your impact will be immeasurable as you put your arms around the family you serve to remind them that they are loved and provide the space for healing and restoration.  Volunteers often walk away from this experience having gained so much in their willingness to step into this place. 

As volunteers consider serving on our Sunrise Retreats often there is an understandable concern that it will be a sad and hard retreat. We understand these concerns and any time that we choose to move towards people as they grieve there are hard moments. However, joy is still very present and a part of these retreats. Our Sunrise retreats are filled with new memories being made, families reconnecting, and lots of joyful moments. The retreats can hold a place for both tears and laughter.  

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