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You and your family are going through one of the greatest challenges a family can endure: fighting for your child’s health and life.  Some of you are also trying to care for other children and spouses.  We know your life has been turned upside down, and the chaos that comes with childhood cancer can be overwhelming for each family member in different ways.  


We know that families often feel like you’re on an island and alone in this battle, with no time to breathe or process all the things happening through this journey.  At Lighthouse, we want to be a community of care, support, and encouragement to your family in this storm. 

Resources Full of Hope

These resources have been created with you in mind. To offer a hand of support during the storm, our online resources offer a wealth of information, comfort, expertise, advice, and personal stories designed to inspire anyone who may be experiencing childhood cancer — or wondering how they can help those who are. All available resources we offer, including The Lighthouse Podcast and Perspectives Blog, can be found here.



Being Honest with God in Unwanted Circumstances
Coming to God with your honest thoughts and feelings—even when you’re experiencing feelings of anger and distrust toward God—invites Him in. Read More.

The Day My Life Turned Upside Down
Caralyn Reynolds shares what it was like to receive a cancer diagnosis at the age of seven, and how the journey has gone since that day. Read More.

Eating Well as a Caregiver During Your Child’s Hospitalization
 It can be hard to eat healthfully when your child is going through cancer treatment. Registered Dietitian Ashley Stepro has tips for you! Read More.



Penguins & Sand Dollars
Lisa Allison happily joined Chris & Christy on The Lighthouse Podcast to share the lessons she's learned along her journey. Lisa has been married for over 25 years to James and together they have three kids, two off at college and a senior in high school. Kaeli, 18 years old, is an Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia survivor. She was diagnosed when she was two years old. Kaeli is doing great now as she is still processing everything she went through. One day when Kaeli was in the hospital, Lisa was walking out the door and picked up a devotional titled Irreplaceable Hope. That devotional changed Lisa's perspective for the better and still impacts her today. In today's episode, you will hear struggles, triumphs, faith growth, and encouragement. Listen Now.

Leslie Schlapfer.jpg

Practical Tips from a Registered Dietician
Leslie Schlapfer, an Outpatient Registered Dietician at Children's Healthcare Of Atlanta,  joins Chris and Christy on The Lighthouse Podcast. She has been joyfully working at CHOA since 2009 primarily helping children and teens with eating disorders, and recently made the move to the AFLAC Blood and Cancer Center. In this first podcast episode of season five, Leslie helps clear up some common misconceptions when using a dietician for childhood cancer patients. She also shares some practical tips for patients gaining or losing weight. Leslie loves educating families and children on how to be healthy during and after treatment.  In closing, she shared some helpful tips and encouraged those families that might not have access to a Dietician. Listen Now.


Self Care for Moms
Karen Stubbs is the founder of Birds on a Wire, a ministry whose mission is to equip and encourage moms of all stages in motherhood. She joins Chris and Christy to share some advice on parenting and self-care. She reflects on the early years of her own parenting journey as a young wife of a fighter pilot who was traveling for work most of the time—and how that led to her starting the BOAW ministry. They talk about what self-care really looks like, and why it is so important for moms, even (or especially) when your child has cancer. Karen talks about the role that guilt plays in parenting and how to test if it's truly something you should feel guilty about. She shares some self-care advice from a mom with a child with an ongoing terminal disease. Karen also talks about how God provided for her during a time when she really needed help as a mother. She shares some general parenting advice, including keeping your marriage at the center of your family life, and offers some advice for single moms. They close the conversation with a challenge for moms for this week. Listen Now.