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Childhood Cancer

Awareness Month

Creating awareness for all sides of childhood cancer and raising funds to support every family living through childhood cancer.



Why is our Sunrise Retreat so important? While many great organizations raise childhood cancer research funds and awareness, fewer organizations are totally focused on supporting families after enduring the unthinkable: the loss of a child.


When it comes to our growing Sunrise Retreat program, more funding means more families served. Whether you can give $1, $100 or $1,000, please join us in honoring the memories of the children we’ve lost by providing support for the families who will never forget them. To learn more about the Lighthouse Sunrise Retreat, check out our Perspectives Blog post here.

Lighthouse Sunrise Retreat | Established 2019

“What does Lighthouse do for families who have lost a child to cancer?

Is there anything you offer these families?” 


Over the last 20 years of hosting Retreats, we received these questions often. As our community knows all too well, cancer doesn’t discriminate. We strive to find “hope beyond a cure,” because we know how unfair the outcome of childhood cancer can be. So, as we prayed about an answer to this question, we realized what we can do: offer a safe place of respite for the families who have endured the unthinkable.


In 2019, our first-ever Sunrise Retreat, and we had the honor of hosting seven families who had to say goodbye to their child. It was a week full of lots of prayer, tears, some good memories and amazing celebrations of life for these families.


Our goal for this month is to raise $20,000. We can’t do this without you. From meals and gifts to Parent’s Night Out, sibling activities and nights of remembrance, every single dollar we receive in September is going to be invested into providing a restorative experience and resources for families who have lost their child to cancer.

Meet Our Sunrise Families


We’re honored to be able to share the stories of several incredible families who attended our Sunrise Retreat or who will be joining us for this year’s Retreat later in September. Follow along with us on Instagram or Facebook, as we keep their memories alive all month long, or explore their stories by clicking below.


Blog: The Dual Life

Remembering Millie Mount

Michael Lage.jpeg

Podcast: A Better Man

Remembering Tim Lage


Blog: Full of Joy

Remembering Cater Escobar


Podcast: Quantity vs Quality

Remembering Lucy Settle

Blog: Remembering Lucy: Siblings Perspective

Remembering Lucy Settle


Podcast: Plan for Forever, Live Like Today

Remembering Megan Vess


Blog: the Empty Chair

Remembering Kylie Myers


Podcast: Millie Finds Her Miracle

Remembering Millie Mount


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Become an Educated Advocate & Supporter

Every day, 43 children in the U.S. are diagnosed with cancer. With each passing day, more children, parents, siblings, friends, and family members are touched by the ripple effects of childhood cancer. To offer a hand of support during the storm, our online resources offer a wealth of information, comfort, expertise, advice, and personal stories designed to inspire anyone who may be experiencing childhood cancer — or wondering how they can help those who are. All available resources we offer, including The Lighthouse Podcast and Perspectives Blog, can be found here.


Phillips family.jpeg

What Can I Do? How to Help a Newly Diagnosed Family.
People want to help when someone goes through a hardship like a childhood cancer diagnosis. But how do you best help? Read More.

The Day My Marriage Went to Last Place 
The exact moment my son’s diagnosis was confirmed, I made a subconscious decision to focus solely on my kids... Read More.


Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
For families living through childhood cancer, September is much more than the first month of fall. Read More. 


The Lighthouse Podcast is also a great resource for offering support to families who you know that are living through childhood cancer. Wondering where to start? Here are a few of our favorites.

Understanding Childhood Cancer
James Ludemann, pediatric oncology nurse, takes listeners on a deep dive into the world of childhood cancer. He explains the different types of childhood cancer, the categories they fall into, and who they affect. He also highlights some of the ways children are diagnosed and goes into detail about treatments, explaining chemotherapy, immunotherapy, radiation, surgery, and bone marrow transplants. Listen Now.

Raising Awareness & Support
Adam Tomberlin, Director of Development at Lighthouse Family Retreat, takes on the intimidating but necessary task of fundraising. Whether for research or family support, raising funds is a critical skill to master in the fight against childhood cancer. Adam shares simple and proven strategies for generating support that don’t require a lot of experience or upfront financial investment. Adam explains how to move past fear and uncertainty to unlock the potential of giving in your circle of influence. Listen Now.

Talking About Cancer
Child Life Specialist Lindsay Carrick joins Chris and Christy on The Lighthouse Podcast again this week, taking a deeper dive into an important topic when it comes to childhood cancer: communication. How do you talk to a child about their cancer diagnosis? Lindsay walks us through the steps she takes as a CLS, from working with the parents, to making the tough conversations age- and developmentally appropriate, and even bringing in hands-on activities to help kids understand what is happening. Listen Now.

Go Gold this September

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