Frequently Asked Questions: These are specifically related to the College Intern, College Work Crew, and High School Staff program. For further questions regarding any of these positions, please email Melissa King at


Is this paid?

College interns will receive a small weekly stipend as well as a weekly per diem to cover any meals not provided by Lighthouse during the week. College Work Crew and High School Staff will receive the weekly per diem only. If you are seeking summer employment solely for the purpose of making money, we suggest you apply elsewhere.


Can I get college credit?

Yes! We currently work with several universities to satisfy credits for majors like child life, child and family development and non-profit management.


Will I be playing with kids all the time?

This is entirely up to you. There will be a lot of hard work to be done, but the opportunity will present itself to interact with the kids, whether during Flip Flop, the Unbirthday party, beach picnic etc. It is up to you to engage with them each week.


Will I have time off?

This is a very demanding job both physically and emotionally, and we will provide adequate time off. There will be pockets of time each day for you to rest and recharge. There are no guarantees of full days off. You will have to manage your time off to ensure you get adequate rest.


What if I have something scheduled during the summer?

We ask that you commit your scheduled summer to Lighthouse and not leave for any reason. However, we do understand the nature of schedules in the summer, and make exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Please inform us of any conflicts on your application.


How much do I have to fundraise?

We are asking that all College Interns and Work Crew commit to raise a minimum of $2000 to help support program needs. High School Program participants will be required to raise or give a minimum of $750.


Where will I be staying?

Summer staff will be sharing units or homes with other Summer Staff or Lighthouse Staff of the same gender. You will most likely be sharing a bed with someone, as we want to be good stewards of the housing options we have available on any given retreat.


When will I find out if I got the job?

Final notification will be given by February 1, 2018.


Do I need to have previous experience?

While previous leadership experience is recommended, we do not require it. We want Summer Staffers with Lighthouse to learn and grow as leaders. Previous experience may play into role placement.


Do I have to pay for food, lodging and gas?

All of your lodging will be covered during the summer and if you are from outside the Atlanta area, during training as well. During the scheduled retreat, most food will be covered. A weekly per diem will be given to all staff to cover the costs of any meals not provided on retreats. You will cover your own gas to and from retreats. The weekly per diem will help with gas money as well.


What is the typical schedule?

(Subject to Change)

8 am – set up for morning activities

9 am – breakfast

9:40 am – morning watch

10 am – flip flop and common ground

12 pm – lunch

1pm – 4pm – conched out (rest) time

4 pm – set up for evening activities

6 pm – dinner and evening events

9 pm – refuel


Will I need a car?

Having your own mode of transportation is very highly recommended.




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