College Interns (*paid position plus weekly per diem)


College Intern Requirements:

  • You must be 20 years old by June 1, 2018.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license (You are responsible for travel to Atlanta for training, and to and from beach retreat locations).
  • Must have a personal commitment to Jesus Christ and be active in a local church or ministry.
  • Must be willing to fundraise a minimum of $2000 to help assist in the cost of housing and food for the summer.
  • Must be available from May 20 – July 29 for pre-retreat training and all summer retreats.
  • Must obtain 3 references from non-family members.

Positions Available: On your application, you will be asked to apply for one of the following roles. Please read carefully and decide where you would be most comfortable and most likely to succeed.

Flip Flop Intern: At Lighthouse Family Retreat we believe that every child should have an opportunity to just be a kid and have fun. We have built in Flip Flop time to allow that to happen. As the Flip Flop Intern your job is to help foster that atmosphere. The Flip Flop lead provides fun activities and environments for children to interact, while their parents are in Common Ground each morning. This role provides the most interaction with kids on retreat.

Flip Flop Intern job includes:

  • Work closely with each Flip Flop group lead to ensure that they have what they need to be successful for the retreat week.
  • Review with the Flip Flop group leaders the Flip Flop options for the retreat.
  • Review Flip Flop notes for each child on the retreat given to you by the Staff Lead.
  • Help Flip Flop groups prepare acts for the Talent Show.
  • Make sure all groups have snacks, water, and sunscreen for the duration of Flip Flop.
  • Work with the Retreat Medical Lead to be aware of any children on the retreat that might need more attention.
  • Be super organized and flexible (particularly in the event of rain plans).

Kitchen Intern: We want families to have an unforgettable Lighthouse experience and know mealtime is one major environment that allows the entire family to reconnect. As the kitchen intern, you have the wonderful opportunity to work alongside another adult kitchen leader (which will change from week to week) to create a dining experience that allows families the opportunity to celebrate meal time together, share about their favorite memories of the day and ultimately reconnect as a family.

Kitchen Intern job includes:

  • Working with caterer to ensure delivery times and numbers for each meal
  • Making some grocery runs
  • Assisting the Family Partner Kitchen Lead with whatever he/she needs
  • Directing meal teams
  • Occasional meal prep and celebration prep (example Unbirthday party event)
  • Responsible for keeping up with the inventory of kitchen supplies.

Hospitality Intern: The Hospitality Intern works to prepare each environment from the setting of retreat housing with t-shirts and other retreat goodies to making sure each retreat environment looks and feels welcoming to all of our families.

Hospitality Intern job includes:

  • Set up for special events such as dad’s poker night, mom’s day, etc.
  • Create welcoming environment at retreat family’s home for the week. Ensure that all “goodies” are in their homes prior to their arrival.
  • Work with work crew to help them decorate for special events such as unbirthday party, beach picnic, and Friday night theme dinner and talent show.
  • Keep up with certain supplies (laundry detergent, soap, etc) that family partners will need in order to make sure their retreat family’s unit is properly taken care of.
  • Work closely with Fulfillment Interns to make sure you have all supplies that you need.

Communications Intern: The Communications Intern exists primarily to help capture the story of Lighthouse as it is happening. This intern must have experience with photography and/or video experience with a desire to learn about storytelling in marketing and communications.

Communication Intern job includes:

  • Capturing photo and video footage to be used in social media and marketing pieces
  • Creating the retreat slideshow each week
  • Developing content for blog posts, newsletters etc.
  • Responsible for creating memories for all retreat families and family partners that also can be used in media and marketing for LFR.

Fulfillment Intern: The Fulfillment Intern is primarily an office job at our Lighthouse Family Retreat Office in Destin, Florida. However, there will be opportunity for you to experience the retreat at meals and night activities. The Fulfillment intern role is where a lot of the “behind the scenes” work takes place. This internship is best suited for someone who is more introverted but wants to be a part of something meaningful.

Fulfillment Intern job includes:

  • Prep all Leadership, Retreat Family, and Family Partner Swag
  • Prep all Retreat Family Laundry Baskets
  • Prep all Retreat Family Welcome Bags
  • Prep Birthday Cards for each Retreat Family
  • Prep Hope Boxes, Hope Jars, & Hope Strips for Unplugged Day
  • Prep Lunch Totes for Unplugged Day
  • Prep all bins and supplies (also for North Carolina retreats)
  • Keep all swag and supplies organized and inventory up to date throughout the summer
  • Receive and organize and supplies delivered to office/warehouse
  • Notify staff of any supplies that need to be ordered well in advance

Notification: All Summer Staff will be notified of acceptance by February 1st.

Contact: E-mail with any questions.

Ready to apply?  Please read the LFR “College Guidelines” below. Once you are on the application page, create an account and select “2018 College Intern (Summer Staff).”

College Guidelines

In order to proceed with filling out your application, you must check the box above stating you agree to the guidelines of Lighthouse. After doing so, click below on “APPLY NOW”.


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