Lighthouse Family [One-Day] Retreat

Dallas, TX


This free event is from 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM

Lunch and snacks will be provided.

2600 Hall - Johnson Rd, Colleyville, TX 76034



Children (18 years and younger) with cancer who are currently on treatment or have been off treatment for less than one year are eligible to attend the one day retreat with their immediate family members living at home with them (limited to 2 adults and siblings under the age of 21).

Children must receive medical clearance from their Oncologist. Families are responsible for submitting a consent form to Lighthouse that has been completed and signed by their Oncologist within one month of their retreat.

Families must be from the Dallas, TX area.

If you have any questions, please contact

About the Event

Childhood cancer impacts everyone in the family. Understandably, the child with cancer most often becomes the focus of concern, often leaving the siblings feeling lonely, insecure, and left out. Lighthouse offers special attention for every member of the family - mom, dad, siblings, and the child with cancer.

The event is a compressed version of a week on retreat with Lighthouse, and allows families unable to travel to our seaside retreats to experience a day full of our four truths: rest, restoration, joy, and hope! During this one-day event, families living through childhood cancer are served by volunteers who are dedicated to providing a break from the chaos that comes with childhood cancer. This day allows families to focus on having fun, relaxing, reconnecting as a couple, and just spending time together.

There is no cost for your family to attend this one-day retreat: all planned activities during the day are included.

Our program offers fun, family-centered activities to help families living through childhood cancer "feel like a family" again. The day will begin with time spent all together in a large group environment. For children, the afternoon with consist of time spent playing in a caring environment supervised by volunteers. For parents, the afternoon will be a small group environment that provides a safe place to share and connect with others living through similar life challenges. Time together is intentional and we strive to pour into the entire family, your kids, and your connection with your spouse.