Join the Horizon Community and invest in hope

We believe at Lighthouse Family Retreat that we are responsible to create a solution that can meet the ever-growing demand of families needing to participate on a retreat. Each year we have to limit the number of families we serve because of funding constraints. The Horizon is the solution to meet the need. The core principle behind this community is Gift vs. Invest. A gift goes directly to a family and enables them to participate on a retreat; that is a 1-to-1 relationship. An investment goes toward the revenue generating operational cost of Lighthouse Family Retreat and has a return for the organization; that is a 4-to-1 relationship. The Horizon covers all non-program related expenses such as; office space, transaction fees, marketing etc. Collectively we have calculated that every dollar invested in our revenue generating operations generates 4 times the investment. Additionally, with all operational expenses covered we are able to amplify our “Gift” messaging by letting all of our constituents know we are a 100% organization.

The Horizon community empowers us to let the world know that every gift (non-Horizon) goes directly to putting hurting families in the sand on a retreat. We are able to create competitive distinction among other non-profits, expect to see increased gift amount from full transparency as well as boost our overall marketing message to the masses all from an investment in The Horizon. Read the Brochure.




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