The James Family


“We went in 2018 to Lighthouse family Retreat 14 at Topsl Resort in Destin, Florida. We had to reschedule once because of treatment. Our family consisted of me Amber, my husband Brian, our 12 year old Erika, and our would be 18 year old Laura. Laura was diagnosed with glioblastoma brain cancer in May 2017. She passed away October 8th of 2018 just 2 months after we had our retreat.


“She was in a wheelchair and they were able to get a beach wheelchair so she could still enjoy full access to the beach. She had a lot of fun doing some people watching and hanging out with kids her own age during the day. Erika loved the beach and playing with the other kids. It was a lot of fun for the kids and really good for the adults, too. Your whole day isn’t overtaken with thoughts of appointments and meds. The time the parents got to spend together was great. We bonded and made friendships that we will keep forever. Having someone to talk to who can relate with your struggles is wonderful and priceless. The atmosphere is not sad or depressing.


“The talent show was a blast! The resort itself was absolutely amazing! It was the most beautiful place we have ever been and we are so, so grateful to Lighthouse Family Retreats for making it possible for us to go. When your child is going through something like this, you hesitate wondering if they will be okay away from home. They have a nurse on the staff and so much help. They never missed a beat. Our Family Partners were the best! Lighthouse has become a symbol of hope and faith in my family. I highly suggest you let these wonderful people take care of your family for a week. God works in amazing ways through these people. It builds your faith and hope and helps you keep going.” - Amber James

Katelyn DeVos