The Gibson Family


“We are the Gibsons from Festus Missouri. Ryan is an HVAC service technician and Melanie is a pediatric registered nurse. Vinny is age 4 and Dominic is age 2. Our boys are full of so much energy! Our family is very close. We spend all of our free time together. We enjoy going to local parks, the zoo and science center and just enjoying each other. Dominic was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma in December 2017. His cancer returned after full resection in April 2018. He underwent another surgery, followed by 4 rounds of chemotherapy. We just his first year in remission!


“This cancer journey has taught us to never take for granted a single moment of time with your family. Hold your babies tight and thank God for each and every day that you get to spend with them. Each day is a gift. My favorite memory of retreat was the beach party when I got to sit and watch my boys play with the other kids, completely care-free. Ryan really enjoyed the date night and getting to spend time with some of the other parents and each other. They enjoed every moment! Vinny’s favorite memory was when he took his finger and swiped whip cream off Pastor Adams face and then ate it. He talks about it all of the time as well as the lighthouse songs that they both love to sing. Dominic enjoyed the beach and the sand and going crab hunting at night.


“Lighthouse will forever be a part of our family. We connected to so many other parents and it was an experience unlike any other. It was truly inspiring to see these family partners taking such good care of all the retreat families. Witnessing teenagers being so selfless and just doing good for others is so incredible. The entire lighthouse experience brought us closer together as a family. It allowed us to just press pause for a moment and experience joy and rest with each other. Lighthouse means love, rest and family time to us. No matter how busy, or how out of reach this trip may feel, take the time to apply. Enjoy restoration and love and joy with your family. We are all too familiar with how life can be so short and how things can change in the blink of an eye. Just stop for a moment and enjoy each other. It will make the world of difference.


“We would like to, again, thank everyone who made this experience happen for us. We will forever be so grateful to each and every one of you. Please know the imprint you have all left on our hearts. You are all incredible people.” - The Gibson Family

Lighthouse would like to say an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Vinny on September 12th!

Katelyn DeVos