The Escobar Family


The Escobar Family is from California and attended Retreat 4 this past year. Juan and Rachel have been married for 13 years and have two kids: Carter 9 and Peyton 7. Carter was diagnosed with stage 4 Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma in July of 2018 and is currently in treatment. Juan and Rachel’s favorite memory is watching their kids run and play, especially Carter who hadn’t played with other kids in a long time! They also really enjoyed their time spent in Common Ground as it allowed them to talk about what they were all going through with people that actually understand what they are going through. Carter and Peyton enjoyed the Unbirthday Party and Talent Show the most! In the Talent Show Carter told jokes and Peyton sang and danced with her friend Hannah, the whole room loved it!


“It was the only time in the last year when we actually relaxed. No laundry, dishes, cooking, hospital — it was a refresh we desperately needed. It is everything you don’t know you need while on treatment. Outpouring of love and service. We have made lifelong friends with our retreat partner families! We are still in touch and they have been such a blessing to us.” - The Escobar Family

The Escobar Family has decided to Go Gold this September and is raising money to send another family on retreat! Please consider donating below!

Katelyn DeVos