The Stanley Family


The Stanley Family attended a Retreat with Lighthouse in 2019. They are a family of 4, Jose, Adrianna, Maria and Elliana. They love to adventure out in the mountains or out on the lakes of Salt Lake City, UT. When Elliana turned 1, they had to put all adventures on the back burner to help Elli beat her battle against Anaplastic Astrocytoma, a brain tumor. She went through 9 surgeries, 6 rounds of chemo, 1 stem cell transplant, and so much more to finally finish treatment on August 31st, 2018. She was declared cancer free in December of 2018 as well. They have been making up for missed time ever since. Elliana learned to walk in hospital halls and her favorite toys were medical tools, but she never stopped being the greatest joy in everyone's life who knows her.


“Our favorite memory was when we all got to go down to the beach with the other families in the late evenings. We all got to sit together and watch our children be the miracles they truly are. We went fishing, built sandcastles, and looked at fish through a scuba mask. It was nothing short of heavenly. Lighthouse meant EVERYTHING to us. One thing that happens alot when you have a child who has cancer is you feel alone. You feel like you could never possibly be understood. I mean, how can anyone understand the pain you carry in your heart? But the retreat gave us a sense of normalcy, belonging, and peace. It gave us relaxation and restoration. It will forever be one of my favorite memories.”


To any families living through childhood cancer: If you need healing, go. If you need support, go. If you need love, go. If you need nothing but a good time, go. There is no place on earth I would suggest more than The Lighthouse Retreat. Not only being able to be on the beach with your family, but to be able to find a community that loves you and wants to serve you completely so you can finally take a deep breath and truly relax.

We have found a sense of wanting to serve others. You dont realize how much of an impact you can have on other's lives until you have been through it yourself and watched other serve you and the lasting impact it has on your heart.

- The Stanley Family

The Stanley Family has decided to Go Gold this September with a goal of raising $500 to go towards sending another family on retreat. Please consider donating at the link below.

Katelyn DeVos