The Gray Family


The Gray family is a family of 4 from Phoenix that joined Lighthouse on Retreat 13 in 2019. John and Lindsey met in law school, got married, and now both practice law in Phoenix (but not together, since they want to stay married!) God blessed John and Lindsey with two girls, Lily and Lincoln. The girls have their own personalities, but both bring more joy to John and Lindsey than words can describe. On the night before Thanksgiving 2016, the Gray family was preparing to travel to California for the holiday, when their pediatrician called and told them to go to Phoenix Children’s Hospital immediately. There, 2-year-old Lily learned that she had leukemia. That began a two-and-a-half-year journey of surgeries, needles, chemo drugs, hair loss, personality changes, physical changes, and everything in between.

The Gray family will never forget the very first time Lily was set to go under general anesthetic so that the doctors could stick a needle in her hip to take bone marrow and stick another needle in her spinal fluid to inject chemotherapy drugs. Unphased by the fluorescent lights and fear the overcome her parents, Lily sang these words from one of her favorite songs, “I’m no longer a slave to fear. I am a child of God!” And suddenly, everything felt better. Throughout the whole thing, Lily stayed strong and today is in remission.

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“We loved  how the retreat made us feel. More than one specific moment, having people care for us, do things for us, and befriend us made us feel loved and relaxed. To paraphrase Maya Angelou, we won’t remember everything that people said or did at Lighthouse, but we’ll never forget how they made us feel. The kids loved meeting new friends and going to Flip Flop. They liked hanging out at the beach with their parents, but that was clearly second or third on the list of favorites. Lighthouse was a rejuvenating experience for our family---physically, mentally, and spiritually. We hope to be able to help others have the same experience. Would you rather have a relaxing time at the beach with your family with people who will care for you, or would you rather do something else?” - The Gray Family

The Gray Family has decided to Go Gold with Lighthouse this month and is fundraising to send another family going through what they went through are on retreat. Help them reach their goal of $500 by donating below!

Katelyn DeVos