The Dettling Family

“Hello! This is the Dettling Family Todd, Jessi, Kyliee 11yrs, Skylarr 9yrs from Retreat 12. Our family was hit with the awful new that our daughter Kyliee had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia on February 14, 2017 on Valentine's Day after 6 months of being told she had cat scratch fever. In addition, my youngest Skylarr is deaf in one ear and in the process of getting a cochlear implant. After almost 3yrs of aggressive chemo, Kyliee rang the bell!

“We are a very close family but going through this the financial strain has been so hard. My favorite memory of lighthouse honestly was everything! There wasn't anything I didn't like. I enjoyed talking to other families and spending just great family time without worries about treatment blood work etc. Lighthouse has truly impacted our family bc I had know idea there was anyone who cares about our family… boy I was wrong! There are many people but number one is GOD AND THAT OPENED MY EYES. Just watching our kids be normal kids is the greatest gift anyone could give us. The girls favorite memory was swimming in Flip-Flop and spending time with new friends that will now be friends for life. Lighthouse is the most wonderful organization that helps families going through the hardest thing in there lives and they make this trip all about your family and having fun with no worries. Being able to have common ground was my God send!” - The Dettling Family

Katelyn DeVos