The Stewart Family

“Our family is comprised of myself, husband, Woody, 4yro daughter, Lily, & 2 chiweenies, Yoda & Kit. We reside in Alexandria, VA, just outside of Washington, DC. I’m a 5th grade teacher, Woody works at MGM National Harbor in the poker room, & Lily is about to start year 2 of Preschool. It’s hard to pick 1 favorite memory of the retreat, to be honest. It all was so amazing! I think the time spent with the other parents may be one of the memories that sticks with me the most because we got to see inside other people’s lives that we’re going through similar things. It made us feel not as alone & build a larger community, even family. We still keep in touch with several of the families & have since gotten together with one of them while traveling. The group is hoping to have a reunion in the next few years when it’s financially & medically feasible. Lily’s favorite memory was going to the pool & beach! She loved playing with friends & the beach was her first visit! I’d guess that singing the Lighthouse song was also a favorite, since she still randomly sings it. 


Lighthouse meant so much to us! As mentioned above, it was nice to get a sense of normalcy & hearing that things we experienced & felt was not something we were alone in. We also say that our family & hearts grew after being on the retreat! We added so many more people to our inner circle, from the volunteers to the families visiting. It was a wonderful time to just relax! A trip we couldn’t have done on our own! We got to feel normal & spend time together away from home. We got to expand our circle, our community, relax. We are so very thankful for the opportunity we received going to this! It’s crazy to think that people are raising money & giving up part of their summer to serve us! How wonderful & amazing they are!” - Christina Stewart


“The sense of giving that was shown by the Family Partners was moving and the bonding we made with the other families is priceless (One of the other dads and I try to see how many different ways we can fit “Bro” into our ways of saying hello, ie: A-Bro-Ham Lincoln is my current go to).

My PERSONAL favorite memories were the dad’s poker night (the bonding was great and I got to teach the other dads how to play), the parent’s night out dinner date, and the video memory package at the end of the retreat, it had us all (from me the smallest guy there to my A-Bro-Ham, James Snead who was the biggest) in tears to see our children full of life and smiling like there was never any cancer, they were just kids again.” - Woody Stewart

The Stewart family has decided to help raise funds during September to go towards sending another family on retreat. Please consider helping them reach their $500 goal by donating below. Thank you!

Katelyn DeVos