The Wallace Family

“We attended Retreat 15 in 2018 and Retreat 10 in 2019. Our son Mycah was diagnosed with leukemia last March right after his 5th birthday. He has a sister and a brother. He is still undergoing chemo treatment and still has 1 year and half to go. He’s doing good right now.


“I was blown away last year with everything at Lighthouse. Our favorite thing about both retreats is being able to just be together as a family and relaxing. The people we met at both are amazing. The kids favorite thing was the ocean (last year was there first time ever going to the beach) and making friends. Lighthouse means to me: restoration. You meet new people and instantly become family. Connecting with people that understand what you’re going through. I can’t even put into words what Lighthouse means to us. At Lighthouse you are so loved on and taken care of. People understand what you’re going through and will get it. Take time for your family to reconnect with each other and let people love on you. You will make new friends and family by the end of the week.” - The Wallace Family

Katelyn DeVos