The Halter Family

“We are the Halters and we live in Knoxville, TN. Our daughter Hattie was diagnosed with AML at 9 months old. She received 4 rounds of chemo, total body irradiation and a bone marrow biopsy before she turned 1.5. Mom is taking time off from teaching special education to stay home with Hattie while she is still in therapies and going to regular doctor visits. Dad works for TVA. We have 3 dogs and 5 fish. Hattie LOVES dogs and loves being outside and exploring the world around her. It is so wonderful to see her feeling free after spending much of her early life confined to a hospital. We love to cheer on the Vols, Ohio State, St. Louis Cardinals and the Cleveland Browns even if we always lose. Hattie is a girly girl and loves all things unicorn and glitter. We are about to celebrate her one year post transplant on Oct. 2. We thank God every day for the miracles he has given us and for the journey we have been on.


“Our favorite Lighthouse memories seem to be in Common Ground. Being surrounded by a group of fellow parents whose children also have cancer is comforting. There is no judgment, just love and understanding. It was a life changing experience. Hattie just loved to be able to interact with other kids and enjoy relationships. Something she was not used to. Lighthouse is love. Lighthouse is a gust of fresh air. Lighthouse is something you cannot describe until you are there. You arrive as strangers and you leave as family. I still keep in touch with all of the moms. You should attend to feel loved and refreshed, accepted and forever changed. Also it is a chance to relax and be away from the chaos of hospital life and cancer. We learned so much from listening to other families talk about their journeys. We learned ways to cope, heal, love, understand and to accept help from others when offered.” - The Halter Family

Katelyn DeVos