The Kelly Family


“We attended Retreat 7 in 2019. My name is Chase and my son Theo is 7, and on March 4, 2018, he told me he had a goal. He wanted to take the training wheels off his bike. He said he would practice everyday until they were off, so he could be a real biker. That was interrupted after an eye exam at Nemours turned into an inpatient MRI of the brain at Wolfson Children’s Hospital and a diagnosis of optic glioma - a brain tumor that grows along the optic nerve. We learned the damage caused by the tumor was too extensive for surgical removal. He had already lost vision in his left eye and surgical removal would not reverse this. Further, the risk was too great to the optic nerve on the right. Theo started chemotherapy immediately after surgery to implant a port and has been a warrior ever since. Oh, and today when he got on his bike, he took off like Flash!


“My favorite memory of the retreat was the community. Connecting with other moms, families, and volunteers was one of the purest forms of joy I’ve ever experienced. My children’s favorite memory from the retreat was being there. Being with the best Family Partners. Being with the best group of people. Being surrounded by an abundance of love, god, and good company. I don’t even know how to explain this adequately. The whole experience was surreal. It was unimaginably perfect. I’ve never felt closer to god or strangers in my entire life. The retreat was nothing but pure, absolute joy and it makes me speechless. It gave my family a chance to really relax and have hope for the future. We connected with God and a community in a way I never thought possible. We made lifelong friends and I am so incredibly thankful for the Lighthouse. This retreat will change your life. This is an incredible opportunity and you will feel right at home the second you arrive. The new experiences and activities this summer helped my son tremendously. The salt water, new friends, extra prayers, and love also gave us great MRI results. This is the trip of a lifetime!” - The Kelly Family

Katelyn DeVos