The Hildebrand Family


“We are the Hildebrands from Dallas, Texas! Chris and I have been married for 10 years. We share the same birthday and met that day also! Chris is a CPA and I stay at home with our kids. Charlie is 6 and in first grade. He loves airplanes and hunting for bugs and lizards. Hannah is 4 and in Pre-K. She loves coloring and playing dress-up. She completed her cancer treatment 18 months ago and is doing really well! My favorite memory of Lighthouse is the time we spent in Common Ground connecting with other parents that have had similar experiences. We felt truly understood and connected to people we just met because they also knew the pain of childhood cancer. It was a weight lifted just to talk to other people that “get it.” Charlie’s favorite memory was swimming and playing at the beach. Hannah loved getting to meet new friends.


“Lighthouse means a place for our family to reconnect. The daily ins and outs of cancer life, and normal life, can put family time on the back burner. Lighthouse was a place we could focus on what was really important, and that’s each other. Do it! The friends you’ll meet, the fun you’ll will not regret it! Lighthouse is such a special place. The people that serve at Lighthouse are just incredible. We still keep in touch and even met up with our partner family last year at Disney World. It’s a special bond you form with people who want nothing else but to serve you and your family during a dark time. We love our partner families dearly and talk about them with the kids often. They will forever hold a special place in our hearts.” - The Hildebrand Family

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