The Sullivan Family


“We are Jeremy and Amanda and a family of 4 with 2.5 year old twins, Izzy & Isaiah. We attended Retreat 18 in 2018. We live in Minnesota, love to go on adventures, participate in music class and spend time with our extended families. Our daughter Izzy was diagnosed with a germ cell yolk sac tumor the week after her first birthday. She endured 8 cycles of chemo and surgery. We actually attended retreat 18 in between cycles 5 and 6. Being able to attend ended up being a game-time decision as Izzy was in the hospital with fevers the week leading up to Lighthouse. We are so thankful it all worked out! Common Ground was a favorite for Mom & Dad, because the time spent sharing our story and hearing from others in similar places was very therapeutic. We also enjoyed all of the time spent with our host family, getting to know them and developing a life-long bond. The kiddos thoroughly enjoyed their time at the beach, singing songs and the talent show night. It's hard to describe in words, but Lighthouse was a beacon of light for us during a very hard year. It came at the most perfect time as we were embarking on another chemo protocol. It lifted our spirits and gave us so much positive energy to fight forward for our sweet girl.


“ Lighthouse was the most incredible experience a family in our position could have hoped for. God's love was overflowing throughout the week and his hands and feet were on the ground working hard through each and every volunteer. We would go again in a heartbeat, and hope to return as a host family in the future. The opportunity to connect with so many other wonderful families, and be their cheering squad has been incredible. A recent exciting update is that on Aug 23rd, a little less than 2 years after diagnosis, Izzy was declared no evidence of disease and had her port removed on Aug 30, a day we had been praying for endlessly. “ - The Sullivan Family

Katelyn DeVos