The Gooden Family


“We have a big family. Of 6 boys and 3 girls between my husband and I. Our youngest daughter Lexi is our child affected by kidney cancer and is in remission for the second time.” They say their whole family is very competitive and outgoing! On retreat, they loved being able to watch their kids bond with others in their age groups going through the same thing. Their kids loved flip flop the most!!

“Lighthouse means family to us!! It didn't feel like we were with complete strangers!” To other families living through childhood cancer, they said, “ We would tell them Lighthouse is a chance to relax and feel like you have a normal family with everything that may be going on. Also, that your kids will love it and not wanna leave! Lighthouse has given our family so much more than a quick break. We have made so many friends that we are still in contact with and have grown to a big support system. Our kids are still in contact as well.” - The Gooden Family

Katelyn DeVos