The Sica Family

“My daughter Melissa and myself (Von) have attended the single Mom’s retreats with my granddaughter, Millie , in both 2018 and 2019. It’s hard to put into words the joy and hope that comes from attending a Lighthouse Family Retreat. Both summers we have had the most amazing family partners that have given of themselves fully to help our family have rest and restored hope during our stay and beyond. Their faith in God shines through their giving and love.

“We have so many special memories from our retreats. The most special is seeing the happiness on Millie’s face as she has performed in the talent shows. This last summer she taught her group how to Salsa. She has been taking ballroom dancing lessons for several months and even though she is legally blind from her brain tumor, she has found that dance brings so much joy. I have watched the video a hundred times and heard the other families and partners cheering for her group. It a beyond special memory for Millie. One she’ll remember forever. We are so thankful for Lighthouse Family Retreats and we have shared with other cancer families about this special week and how it will benefit their family. Thank you again for all you do!” - The Sica Family

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Katelyn DeVos