The Pottorf Family


“Hi!! We are the Pottorf Family and went to Lighthouse Retreat 16 in 2019!! We are a family of 10, but 9 of us were able to come. Joseph is our youngest boy of our 8 children and got diagnosed with a pineal parenchymal tumor of intermediate differentiation at the age of six (2017). It was found by accident when they did an MRI for his Arnold chiari malformation. Since diagnosis he has had 8 surgeries in less than a year and his 9th was done in January. He has also had to have 30 days of proton therapy radiation and a month of inpatient therapy.


“Our favorite memory of the retreat was the awesome people we got the pleasure of meeting and the fact that we could all be together and having fun outside of a doctor's office or hospital setting. Our kids got really attached to the kids from our host families and loved hanging out with them!! They also LOVED being on the beach and swimming in the ocean!


“Lighthouse to us means that there is healing with God and with the help of awesome people. It wasn't just a vacation. It was an awaking of our minds,hearts, and spirits. Other people need this break, they will find peace and rest while here and that it is important for your family to have time like this together. It is also nice to meet people in the same or similar situations to know that you are not alone in what you are dealing with. Lighthouse helped us more than just with the rest we needed from what we are going through with Joseph. My husband had lost his mother the day we were leaving to come to the retreat. Everyone was so supportive and it really helped our family work through it.” - The Pottorf Family

The Pottorf Family is Going Gold with Lighthouse during Childhood Cancer Awareness Month by raising money to send another family on retreat. Please consider donating at the link below!

Katelyn DeVos