The Lambert Family


“We went on Retreat 16 in 2018. We live in Central Florida have been serving in a church/Christian school for the past 10 years. We have two children, Luke who is our cancer survivor, he is 5 and just started school! Selah is our little princess and will be 2 in January!


“ Our favorite memory was getting to worship and sing on the beach. Luke’s favorite memory was the birthday party and swimming! Lighthouse was such an amazing experience and refreshing time to talk with others who understand us and to feel relaxed for one week! I would encourage any and every family with a child with cancer to go to Lighthouse! It’s a MUST-have experience. It is life changing! Meeting other families and getting to know their stories was so helpful to know we’re not alone.” - The Lambert Family

The Lambert Family is Going Gold and is raising money to send another family on retreat! Please consider donating to them below.

Katelyn DeVos