The Nordeen Family


“My name is J.D. Nordeen and my wife Bethany and I have three children. Ava is seven, Emma is five, and Harrison is three. Ava was diagnosed with an atypical meningioma brain tumor when she was three. Since then she has had three brain surgeries and 60 rounds of proton radiation. Our family has been blessed by God to attend two Lighthouse Family Retreats. We first attended Retreat 18 in September of 2018. And seven months later we were back for Retreat 2 in April of 2019.”

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Our favorite memories of the retreats are the worship nights and the kids love Flip Flop. We have experienced a lot of support and generosity since Ava was diagnosed. But being surrounded and served by the body and love of Christ at Lighthouse has been the best thing that we have experienced. I would encourage another family to apply for a Lighthouse Family Retreat because it might be the best thing to come from very difficult circumstances. Lighthouse has a huge impact on the entire family!” - The Nordeen Family

The Nordeen Family is Going Gold with Lighthouse this September and is fundraising to help send another family on retreat for a week. Donate at the link below!

Katelyn DeVos