The McWhorter Family


Aiden McWhorter is in treatment for Stage 4 High Rick Neuroblastoma. He was 19 months old when their family attended retreat 8 in 2019. The week prior to retreat, he received his first set of clean scans, so a week on retreat was a nice vacation to celebrate on!

Aiden’s Mom, Sarah, say her favorite memory from retreat was, “Seeing everyone love on our Aiden as he was the dancer of the group that demands attention at all times.” They also enjoyed being surrounded by love and happiness all week long!

To the McWhorter family, Lighthouse is “a safe harbor where cancer doesn’t exist, memories are made, and there is no shortage of love and beaches.”


Sarah says that if you are a family living through childhood cancer that is thinking about apply, “DO IT! It is life changing to see so many willing to serve and love your family. It provides rest for your soul, and memories that last a life time.”

Thank you McWhorter Family for Going Gold!

Katelyn DeVosComment