Volunteers show up and fill a spot but Family Partners come alongside families to help ease the everyday burdens of childhood cancer.

Family Partner Commitments

By submitting my application to serve as a Family Partner, I understand that I am committing to the standards and guidelines of Lighthouse Family Retreat, that are as follows:


To fill up first.

  • An investment and priority in growing in my personal relationship with Jesus.

To serve others.

  • We consider each retreat a local mission trip.
  • You are committing to a “serve others first” mentality and heart.


To Lighthouse Family Retreat

Financial Support:

  • If selected to serve, I commit to raise or personally give $1,200 per adult (18 and over), $750 per teenager (13-17), & $250 per child (12 & under).
  • I commit to paying the $150 non-refundable deposit upon my acceptance on a retreat.
  • I commit to raise the Family Partner minimum support even if I am unable to attend the retreat.
  • I commit to turn in my support to Lighthouse Family Retreat.
  • I understand that any funds raised in excess of my goal will go directly to support the Retreat Families.
  • I commit to have the full amount of my support raised and submitted to Lighthouse one week prior to my retreat.
  • Please note: Family Partner support cannot be moved to a different calendar year, nor can one’s fundraising surplus be credited to a future retreat season. The support minimum goes directly towards assisting the cost of sending a family living through childhood cancer on a retreat, as well as the family partners who serve them.


  • I commit to attend any pre-retreat training events.
  • Out of state Family Partners will be required to view the pre-retreat materials provided by the Lighthouse Family Retreat staff.
  • I commit to the dates, locations and times of my selected retreat. I understand that my presence is expected for the entire retreat.


  • I commit to the background check required by Lighthouse to serve on the retreat.
  • I commit to abstain from alcohol while on retreat.
  • I commit to always “Travel in 3s” – so that I am never alone with a child or someone of the opposite sex.

 Family Partner Applications will open at 9:00am EST on January 4th!


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