Our program offers fun, family-centered activities to help them “feel like a family” again.


Founded in 1999, Lighthouse Family Retreat continues to serve families living through childhood cancer by enabling them to laugh, restore family relationships, and find hope in God.
On August 8, 2000, Lighthouse Family Retreat held its inaugural retreat that hosted six families with a child living through cancer.  From 2000 until the present, Lighthouse Family Retreat creates environments for laughter thanks to the generosity of over 50,000 hours of donated time from our volunteers, which we call family partners.  Trish volunteered with Lighthouse and offered this insight…
“My greatest fear in serving at Lighthouse was that I was going to be sad … seeing sick kids, not knowing how to act or what to say or that I would just cry. The retreat was completely different than what I expected. Everyone had a great time. The kids were laughing and playing and sometimes you even forgot you were there helping kids with cancer because there was so much joy … we felt like a big, happy family on a vacation.”

It’s not just the family partners that enjoy the laughter.  Listen to the mothers of children in treatment…

“I feel so fortunate for the new friendships with other families made during that week at the beach. Not only is the retreat itself such a blessing but these relationships that it fosters are truly a gift.”
Kristie, retreat mom
“We as a family decided this was our most favorite vacation. The food was fabulous and our accommodations were just what the doctor ordered. We met lots of new faces and now when we go to the clinic for visits, we always run into someone we know.”
Phyllis, retreat mom
During these years of growth, Lighthouse Family Retreat assisted over 250 families living through childhood cancer with restoring family relationships.  
“Our trip to Lighthouse was just what our family needed. We had spent way too many days apart while our son, Ryan, was sick. You allowed us so many great memories that we will cherish forever.”
Missy, retreat mom
In addition to the laughter and restoration, we are unable to count the endless number of times that a child in treatment or a retreat family finds hope in God that grows out of discussions in Common Grounds or the songs at Morning Watch or the demonstrations of blessings at the Talent Show.  With this history of service, Lighthouse Family Retreat hopes to continue its providing hope-filled retreats for families living through childhood cancer.

Our Program

Childhood cancer impacts everyone in the family. Understandably, the child with cancer most often becomes the focus of concern, often leaving the siblings feeling lonely, insecure and left out. Lighthouse offers special attention for every member of the family – moms, dads, siblings, and the child with cancer.

Our program offers fun, family-centered activities to help them “feel like a family” again. For children, time spent playing in a carefree environment is essential. For parents a daily group meeting, Common Ground, provides a safe place to share with others living through similar life challenges.

Highlights of a Lighthouse Family Retreat experience include families spending time together, moms and dads getting away for a special date night, kids having a blast at an UNbirthday party, incredible beach and pool games that everyone participates in, a Hollywood night, a dance party under the stars and a talent show that tops all talent shows.

Lighthouse Family Retreat, Inc is a registered 501c3 Non-Profit. 

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