Family Partners

2Volunteers show up and fill a spot but Family Partners come alongside families to help ease the everyday burdens of childhood cancer, providing them an opportunity to laugh, reconnect and find hope! The role of a Family Partner may look different for everyone. Areas of serving include: being paired directly with a family, setting up different environments in order for families to regain a sense of normalcy and fun, as well as unifying parents together in support.

It takes a team of Family Partners, willing to serve in every role to provide a family a sense of relief and retreat away from the everyday struggles of childhood cancer. Lighthouse Family Retreat will use more than 900 volunteers this retreat season to impact the lives of families living through childhood cancer! It will be the most rewarding, challenging experience! You will laugh hard, work hard, and play hard. But at the end of the day, your compassion, heart and service will have provided a family a much-needed opportunity to laugh, reconnect and find hope in God.

To join us, all potential family partners must read and agree with the Family Partner Covenant and Retreat Guidelines. In addition, you must be 20 years of age or older to serve independently of your parent(s), school or church group. Please note applications may fill quickly and an application must be completed in its entirety to be considered.

I agree to the covenant and guidelines.

In order to proceed with filling out your application, you must check the box above stating you agree to the guidelines of Lighthouse, which are found by clicking here:

Lighthouse Covenant

Lighthouse Volunteer Guidelines

Once you have read each document and checked the box above, please click below on “APPLY NOW”.

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